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MN Wedding Planner | Sweet Springtime Styled Shoot

Spring is almost here, and we are totally in love with this sweet styled shoot! Inspired by a romantic elopement, the bride & groom celebrated their union with an intimate dinner with their closest friends. From the lovely color palette of soft pinks and purples, the stunning hanging birdcage, the adorable periwinkle party dress…this shoot is sure to leave you dreaming of a spring-time wedding!


Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

The Solar Arts Building by Chowgirls is a new venue in Northeast Minneapolis, and we were honored to have been the first to capture a styled shoot in their space. This kind of styled shoot could not have happened without everyone working together as a team, and we were so lucky to have had such a fantastic team of vendors who were not only crazy talented but also a whole lot of fun! We LOVED the vintage heart birdcage, vintage furniture and other fun props and details that were graciously provided to us by Sarah of On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals. The mixture of purple and pink hues with the antique furniture pieces is definitely a must-have look this season! In addition to photographing this amazing styled shoot, Christina of Electric Lime crafted the bride’s crystal beaded bracelets and chose the rest of the bridal accessories to complete the look. Molly from Studio Emme shared her many design talents with us, including dressing up the birdcage with a lush floral garland, the amazing bouquet and the custom invitations.

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

We are obsessed with adding personal touches to our styled shoots, and this one was no exception. Yes, of course we are talking about our two furry friends! The papillon (aka the cutie with the big ears that stick up) is Vesper Lynd, Christina’s very own little girl. The cocker spaniel puppy, Mila, is Janea’s pride and joy!

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Electric Lime Photography |

Thank you again to our amazing vendor team, we could not have done this without you!


What do you think of this styled shoot? Please share your comments below!


Photography:  Electric Lime Photo | Event Design & Planning:  Rosetree Events | Venue, Lite Bites, and Desserts:Solar Arts by Chowgirls | Florals, Event Design, Invite Design:Studio Emme | Vintage Rentals, Tables, Chairs:On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals Signage and Place Cards:  Lovely Letters By Laura | Hair and Makeup:Rachael Notsch | Dress and Wrap:Flutter Bridal BoutiqueShoes:Nordstrom | Necklace:Target  | Earrings:Macy’s | Groom’s Tie:  Bows ‘n Ties | Water Glasses and Plates: Crate and Barrel | Invitation Printing:Paper Event

MN Wedding Planner | Getting the Dish with Caterers

Hello Loves,

Wedding planning and wedding day anticipation is in full swing and soon engagement season will be upon us. Often, the reception is the pinnacle of the celebration, with details and activities that reflect the bride and groom. Catering is one of the highlights of the reception, and also tends to be the priciest portion, so it requires a lot of thoughtful decision making, much more than merely selecting between the Pork and the Walleye.

In order to ensure your dining experience will be the perfect compliment to a delicious day, we have reached out to a few professionals: friends from three spectacular Minnesota-based catering companies, to get the inside scoop on catering for those couples ready to conquer the menu and wedding professionals looking to sail smoothly through the reception with the catering staff. On the hot plate we have:

Julie Teran – Sales Consultant at Mintahoe Catering

Rolando Diaz – Chef at Marna’s Catering

Geri Wolf – Event Planner and Designer at W&W Catering
Gold & White weddingWhite, Gold, Blush wedding tablescape

Pretty wedding salad

Photography by: Tim & Madie Photography



If you could give couples one tip about wedding catering, what would it be? 

JT: “Ask for recommendations; a lot of times brides will ask for something really specific, rather than a similar, less expensive item.”

RD: “Narrowing down a budget is the first priority and it saves a lot of time. Know your budget, have an idea of a menu you want, and be sure to share your budget with the caterer.”

GW: “Be open with your caterer about your budget. A lot of people are protective about what they have to spend, and are afraid of being taken advantage of. Most caterers have a lot of options working into your budget but we need to know what it is you want to achieve.”

Gourmet deviled eggs - wedding appetizer White Purple & Fuchsia wedding tablescape Frozen Wedding Buffet layout Gourmet wedding appetizer

Photography by:  Photos 1, 3, 4: Matt Lien Photography | Photo 2: Tim & Madie Photography


What recommendations do you have for choosing the perfect caterer? 

JT: “I would first check social media references; anyone can put out a great website and have gorgeous menus. Look at referrals (The Knot, Wedding Wire, etc.) where you have references from real brides. Don’t be afraid to ask for more references. I am always happy to share names of brides as references for out of town clients.”

RD: “First things first, read reviews. Compare caterers and look at food style, food quality, where the caterer shops, etc. Is the food organic or local? Have there been complaints? Find out the answers to the little questions, because the little things really effect the event in the end.”

GW: “Make sure the style of the food matches the style of the wedding. Also know what your priorities are. Make sure whoever your caterer is, understands what you are trying to say through the menu. The caterer must understand all of the different elements of a wedding since weddings are so different from other events in regards to timing and set-up. Keep open communication.”


What tips do you have for selecting the perfect menu? 

JT: “Personalize it so you are eating what you want to eat for dinner; this is your day, no one is going to moon because you’re making them eat salmon. The food is a reflection on the couple, you want people to feel like they are in your home, your space, enjoying a meal with you.”

RD: “Know your style and budget, and find someone who can create the perfect menu based on those things. Our company is the only company in MN offering Costa Rican food with a Latin flair.”

GW: “Selecting the perfect menu is making sure what you’re offering is balanced; not a lot of repetition but yet making sure everything compliments throughout the menu. That can often be confusing so asking a lot of questions about the menu and experience is important. Menu offerings vary depending on style (plated, food stations, etc.). Take into consideration what the caterer has available at your venue. If all they have is a closet to work in, plating the food isn’t realistic which will impact the menu.

Unique wedding appetizer shooters Catering Services and Ideas_0018 Gourmet wedding salmon buffet Fun Wedding Buffet layout

Photography by:  Photos 1: Austin Images | Photo 2 & 3: Judd Sather Photography | Photo 4: Matt Lien Photography


If you could give wedding planners one tip about catering, what would it be? 

JT: “If I know the planner I’m working with and understand her personality, I will be able to better serve her guests, and vice versa. It’s all about building relationships.”

RD: “Timing is crucial in catering. 6pm dinner is a 6pm dinner. Be sure to inform the kitchen if you are running late, because 15 minutes could ruin the quality of the food.”

GW: “Ask us (catering staff) a lot of questions. We find planners do not ask us enough questions about the menu, our processes, why we may have feedback on the timeline, etc.”

wedding dessert shooters Ivory & White Tablescape Gourmet spooned wedding appetizer

Photography by:  Photos 1 & 3: Bellagala | Photo 2: J Walter Anderson Photography


What advice do you have for wedding planners to ensure smooth sailing with catering staff on wedding day? 

JT: “Read your paperwork, that’s the biggest thing. Let us (catering staff) see the planner’s paperwork so we can be in line. You should be able to see the caterer’s paperwork so you know exactly what they are bringing and expecting to do, as well.”

RD: “Know where things go, and keep communication clear. When we are catering a wedding, we have a plan; when something comes up not in the plan it throws off the timing. Having details ready to go really helps caterers.”

GW: “Putting an event together takes cooperation of all parties involved. Every caterer operates differently; a planner can’t apply the same rule to everybody. Keep communication open, know when to push back and when to defer to the caterer.”

Plated wedding dinner Organic wedding buffet tablescape Gourmet wedding appetizer skewer

Photography by:  Photos 1 & 3: Judd Sather Photography | Photo 2: Matt Lien Photography

I hope this advice has encouraged you to approach catering with more confidence and clarity, whether you are a Wedding Planner with a detailed agenda, a fiancé with a passion for food, or a wedding enthusiast taking notes for when that special day comes.

To all of you reading, happy catering and BON APPÉTIT!

MN Wedding Planner | A Day In Provence Floral | Vendor Spotlight

Hello Loves,

Rain has been evident here in Minnesota and all over the country and when April & May showers rain down, June’s flowers are bright, giddy and strong. With the talk of beautiful flowers, we are excited to bring you Tara, from A Day in Provence. We had the pleasure of working with Tara on a gorgeous style shoot/surprise proposal.  She has an eye for all things floral and has yet to let us down with her charming ways about her and her floral styling.


Tell us a little bit about you and your business.
A Day in Provence is a floral & styling boutique continuously inspired by all things floral and french, vintage and beautiful.  I love doing what I do each day & feel really grateful to have my own business in such a fun loving, creative urban area.

Having a creative team to work with & an incredibly supportive team at home makes our day to day details a bit easier.  My husband and I have two daughters who brighten our world & an Airedale Terrier named Finnegan.
A Day in Provence Floral_0043

A Day in Provence Floral_0049

How did you begin your journey towards being a Florist?
The journey began years ago when my husband and I left our corporate careers & moved to Europe for nearly a year.  I was in search of a new adventure, never dreaming I’d someday have a business of my own.  I dabbled in flowers while living in Paris – stopping at flower shops of every kind & designing back at our apartment in the 6th arrondissement.

And a trip to Provence during that timeframe was oh so inspiring.  The delightful food, pottery, fresh lavender & cobblestone streets…the focus on beauty in everyday life was a little something we wanted to bring back home with us.  We moved back home to Minnesota months after & I started A Day in Provence one year later.

What is your favorite thing about being in your line of business?
 I love the variety.  Each wedding & event is treated like a brand new project for us.  We never create the same thing twice.  I also love the creative design aspects – the inspiration boards, the floral & ribbon selections, styling, and designing the floral pieces.

A Day in Provence Floral_0045A Day in Provence Floral_0064 A Day in Provence Floral_0065

What is one thing you don’t forget to tell your clients?
“You can relax now.  We’ll take good care of you.”

If you weren’t in the Floral industry, what would you like to do?
Ooh, this is tough, as I love this creative event industry.  I’d maybe be a travel blogger or photographer documenting highlights of travels from around the world as my suitcase is always packed and ready to go!

Or, I always thought there would be such good energy working on a beautiful college campus…with students eager to learn & ready to take on the world.  I could see myself working with students prepping to study abroad – such a life changing experience for me & is what officially started both my love for travel & never ending love for Europe!

A Day in Provence Floral_0051A Day in Provence Floral_0069A Day in Provence Floral_0037 A Day in Provence Floral_0070

How many weddings do you take on each year? And, how far in advance should clients book with you for their wedding?
We generally take on just under 30 weddings annually with peak season occurring from May – October.  We have wedding clients booking with us anywhere from 6-12 months out.

If you could make an arrangement for someone famous, who would that be?
Well, one of our floral career highlights was meeting & designing for the beautifully talented Julie Andrews in Saint Paul a few years ago.  I’m not sure I can top that one (and she would have been high on my list to begin with, et voilà!).  I mean, how lucky can a girl get? Read about her Julie Andrews Meeting.

A Day in Provence Floral_0023

A Day in Provence Floral_0059

Photography: Whitney Furst Photography

MN Wedding Planner | a&bè bridal shop | Vendor Spotlight

Hello Loves,

Today is a perfect day for a trip downtown to the chic bridal store, a&bè; but if you can’t go there in person, fret not, we’ll take you there by way of virtual transit. Not only is this store filled with all kinds of unique, delicate and swoon-worthy bridal dresses but you are surrounded by all different kinds of lovelies: bridal gowns, jewelry, accessories and of course the a&bè bridal team. The passion to serve their clients is quite evident the moment you step into their shop and have we said how much FUN they are?!?!?!  Jordan Krause, the MN a&bè store manager,  tells us like it is!

a&be bridal Shop_0005

a&be bridal Shop_0008a&be bridal Shop_0033a&be bridal Shop_0044

Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

First and foremost, a&bé supports the up & coming, the indie, the creative bridal designers and connects them to brides. Secondly, a&bé gives brides access to something different: we have a little bit of the bohemian, the casual, the vintage, the separates, the alternative & the romantic.

How did you begin your journey towards a&bé?

a&bé bridal shop is a new boutique created to support the creative surge happening in weddings across the nation. a&bé is an easy, no-fuss experience for brides who want a more laid back approach to their wedding dress shopping.

a&be bridal Shop_0012a&be bridal Shop_0007a&be bridal Shop_0035

How early should clients purchase their dress?

Generally, at least 7-9 months in advance! The gowns can range in the length of production time and then clients should factor in additional time for alterations. Plus, so many decisions hinge on the gown choice so until the dress is selected many other decisions are put on hold.

What are some of the great designers that you carry?

I love all of our designers and what’s cool is that we are bringing so many of them to Minnesota for the first time! These include: Truvelle, Anna Campbell, Sarah Seven, Katie May, Claire La Faye, Elizabeth Dye, and Rue De Seine!

a&be bridal Shop_0027 a&be bridal Shop_0026 a&be bridal Shop_0021a&be bridal Shop_0018

What is one thing you don’t forget to tell your clients?

Thank you! We truly appreciate every single one of our brides! We feel really honored to be invited to be a part of their wedding experience.

a&be bridal Shop_0030 a&be bridal Shop_0016a&be bridal Shop_0039a&be bridal Shop_0042

What is your favorite thing about being in your line of business?

There are so many things that I love about this business, but it probably comes down to the people. I get to work with the most awesome people every day. And these people include our brides, our designers, and our team – all passionate, caring, and creative women.

What makes a&bè stand out?

It’s our combination of designers, the aesthetic of our space, and our fun, friendly experience!

If you could fit someone famous for a dress, who would that be?

Zooey Deschanel! I love her quirky style!

a&be bridal Shop_0025a&be bridal Shop_0019a&be bridal Shop_0031a&be bridal Shop_0032a&be bridal Shop_0034a&be bridal Shop_0036a&be bridal Shop_0038a&be bridal Shop_0040a&be bridal Shop_0013

Photography: Whitney Furst Photography

MN Wedding Planner | Jeannine Marie Photography | Vendor Spotlight

Hello Loves,

Photographers, talented ones, are a must have for every wedding or event! And we can’t help but be completely smitten with photographers especially when they are fun, filled with joy, and are never with out a friendly smile. This is who I found Jeannine Marie of Jeannine Marie Photography to be. Upon meeting her, I felt that we could have been friends for some time now dating back to childhood. So I, of course, wanted to know more about her, her company and why she does what she does. Her photographs are candid and capture those moments that we all wished we could have seen but missed because we’re focused on some other happenings. Hang out with us just a wee bit longer as Rosetree gets personal, well not too personal, with our friend, Jeannine (and check out some of her incredible photographs too).

Jeannine Marie Photography 22
Jeannine Marie Photography 14 Jeannine Marie Photography 15 Jeannine Marie Photography 5Q. Why are you in love with your job?

A. I LOVE weddings for so many reasons! Getting to witness couples commitment to each other in front of all their friends and family is something that is truly priceless. It is a day filled with so many beautiful moments and emotions. I am around people all day and I get to flex my creative muscles. The adrenaline starts the morning of the wedding and doesn’t wind down well past the time I am home.

Jeannine Marie Photography 6 Jeannine Marie Photography 2 Jeannine Marie Photography 1
Q. What are you loving about the wedding industry right now?

A. Pinterest has taken weddings to a new level over the last couple years. I can follow clients boards and see their inspirations leading up to the wedding day. It provides tons of inspiration for over the top details.  I also believe Pinterest has given couples a more heightened awareness of gorgeous and visually stimulating photography providing greater value of a professional photographer.

Jeannine Marie Photography 18
Jeannine Marie Photography 17 Jeannine Marie Photography 16
Q. What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

A. There are so many to choose from!! Unexpected moments are my favorite. But moments I can anticipate propel my excitement, for example: the deep breath a bride has once the dress is on, giddiness of a couple walking down the aisle and the hugs and tears that come from the first wedding party and family that make it back to the couple, oh and, the father-daughter dance leaves me misty eyed most nights.

Jeannine Marie Photography 19 Jeannine Marie Photography 7 Jeannine Marie Photography 20 Jeannine Marie Photography 21
Q. What advice would you give brides?

A. Enjoy YOUR day. Whatever your concerns may be on your wedding day pass, them off to friends or family or BETTER YET, hire a wedding planner. In the months or years it took to plan this day it is over in the matter of a few hours. Don’t waste it with worry.

Jeannine Marie Photography 25 Jeannine Marie Photography 23 Jeannine Marie Photography 24
Q. Give us a crazy fun fact about you?

A. I was once a paid fishing guide. Well kind of, I worked at a resort for seven years and each week I took the resort kids out on the lake for a couple hours. :)

Jeannine Marie Photography 13 Jeannine Marie Photography 11 Jeannine Marie Photography 9 Jeannine Marie Photography 8 Jeannine Marie Photography 10

Jeannine Marie Photography 3 Jeannine Marie Photography 4We adore sharing Jeannine Marie’s fabulous photographs with you and of course spending time with Jeannine Marie too! To a wonderful year in weddings and to you, our friends, Happy Wedding Planning!

MN Wedding Planner | Girl Friday | Vendor Spotlight

Hello Loves,

Coined in the 1940’s move “His Girl Friday,” the term refers to a ‘go to’ girl. And, that’s just what Girl Friday is-your go-to (styling) girl. I am a sucker for the old hollywood glamour and tinsletown cinema…..that’s why when Rosetree first met Carly Van Veldhuisen, owner of Girl Friday, I knew I was going to like her (I mean how could I not when her company is named after a movie I have watched a multiple of times).
2014-02-22_00172014-02-22_00132014-02-22_0012With creativity flowing through her blood, Carly does not disappoint in her designs. Girl Friday was created to help you create a look all your own–whether it’s the whole shebang (from ideas to installation) or a custom art piece or prop to bring your look together.
2014-02-22_00032014-02-22_00022014-02-22_0001Carly, the owner of Girl Friday, says, “Our office joke is we style (almost) anything! We style shoots, store displays, homes and events. We love the variety–one day we may be creating store window and the next styling a wedding shoot. Every project is one of a kind–custom designed and styled for our client.”
Girl Friday 4 Girl Friday 52014-02-22_0011 2014-02-22_0010 2014-02-22_0008A motto Girl Friday lives by, “We won’t create anything the same way twice.” Sheer genius and fun Girl Friday is a style guru.  And what, you ask, has been my favorite styling from Girl Friday? Well, that’s easy, this beautiful paper flower dress that Carly put together by hand and this stylish chalkboard design. I could almost see myself walking down the aisle again in this dress (minus the rustling of my leaves).
Girl Friday 2
2014-02-22_0016 2014-02-22_0015 2014-02-22_0014Carly of Girl Friday was one of the fabulous vendors who participated in our recent Date Night Out Event. She is providing a lucky winner a custom backdrop and we can’t wait to see what it will be!
2014-02-22_0009 2014-02-22_0004 2014-02-22_0007 2014-02-22_0006
Happy Styling!

(Brooke Michaelson’s: Brooke Michaelson Photography Designed and styled tablescape, dessert buffet, seating areas and bridal party. Created chalkboard art, invitation, centerpiece vessel, event signage, dot background. Farm: Joe & Jen Photography Designed and styled tablescape and bridal party. Created pallet wall backdrop. Feather Wedding: Liz Banfield Photography Designed and styled tablescape, dessert buffet, escort card, favor tables and seating areas. Created ombre feather backdrop and canvas art. Fox Wedding: Studio Laguna Photography Designed and styled tablescape, dessert buffet and bridal party. Created fox masks. French Wedding: Laura Ivanova Photography, Staja Studios Photography, Studio Laguna Photography Designed and styled tablescape, dessert buffet, seating areas and bridal party. Created Marie Antoniette place cards. Industrial Wedding: Zlata Modeen Photography Designed and styled tablescape, dessert buffet, seating areas and bridal party. Created umbrella lighting in collaboration with The Vintage Type (now a rentable installation at The Vintage Type). Moss Wedding: Debryun Photography Designed and styled tablescape, décor and bridal party. Created moss floor and stairs, birch tree forest and centerpiece. Sequin Wedding: Joe & Jen Photography Designed and styled tablescape, décor and bridal party. Created tufted backdrop, sequin ball, dipped champagne bottles and glitter candlesticks. Washi Wedding: Joe & Jenn Photography, Donae Cotton Photography Designed and styled décor and bridal party. Created washi tape wall mural, art guestbook, washi tape silhouettes of bride and groom, washi flags for cupcakes and straws, washi tape chair. Winter Wonderland Wedding: Michelle Riedel Photography Designed and styled décor and escort card tables. Created background, swirled sticks for cake pops, flocked bottle brush trees, floral arrangement. Yarn Wedding: Joe & Jen Photography, Donae Cotton Photography, Ling Photography, Michelle Riedel Photography Designed and styled décor, tablescape, seating area and bridal party. Created background, yarn curtain, oversized string art, yarn table accessories, seating chart.)

MN Wedding Planner | Anytime Travel Agency | Vendor Spotlight

Hello Loves,

With the coldest winter Minnesota has experienced in over 30 years, we are dreaming of the sun warming our skin and beaches filled with white sand. Vacation Ready, YES! So when we start getting that itch to travel to warmer places, we get in contact with our friend at Anytime Travel Agency, Tamara Lidbom, travel specialist & owner.
Anytime Travel Agency 3

Tamara specializes in vacation packages, destination wedding, honeymoons & romantic getaways, cruises & tours. Always having been fascinated with travel and learning about different cultures, Tamara had the chance to work with a company as a booking travel agent (enjoying it so much, she wanted more). Working more one on one with her clients and getting to know them helps Tamara get some insight into what they want out of their next vacation. (Insert dream vacation!!!) Anytime Travel Agency opened in the fall of 2012 and it was the best thing Tamara has said she ever did. Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Vow Renewals and family vacations are truly exciting for her. The best part of getting married is going on that well deserved Honeymoon! Let Anytime Travel take the stress out of planning the honeymoon or the logistics of a destination wedding. She can help with both!Anytime Travel Agency 1We asked Tamara what her favorite destination wedding was and to our surprise it was her own! Tamara’s boyfriend, at the time, had a trip planned to the Dominican Republic. 7 days before leaving he proposed all the while telling Tamara he wanted to get married in the Dominican Republic too. Ok, no stress there!! I’m a travel agent, I can do this…, Tamara thought. She contacted the wedding coordinator there and found out what they needed to do before leaving. After arriving, they talked with the coordinator, planned the ceremony and it turned out EXACTLY as they wanted. It was indeed the perfect day!Anytime Travel Agency 2Anytime Travel Agency be at Date Night Out tonight giving an amazing vacation away! That alone is a good enough reason to come! Added Bonus: You get to meet Rosetree and many other fabulous wedding professionals!

MN Wedding Planner | Nora Events | Vendor Spotlight

Hello Loves,

For over ten years, Nora Events has been entertaining the Twin Cities by providing the highest quality audio and lighting. Nora Events is not your typical DJ services and entertainment company! At Nora Events, they provide you a one-stop shop for ALL your entertainment needs. Also believing in giving you a variety of options and will work with you to personally customize your special event. That’s why they have an “A La Carte Services” which provides other products such as uplighting, gobo projector, Photo Booth, and those are just a few! From weddings, corporate events, to private events, let Nora Events take care of the entertainment while you are able to enjoy and make memories with those around you. They provide only the best entertainment systems and upscale products to ensure that the sound and even the look of our products are elegant and flawless to your space.Nora Events 3Nora Events 4Quick sneak peak about the DJ and owner behind Nora Events. Paul Norasingh, accredited from McNally Smith, college of music, is not a cheesy, awkward, and corny jokes type-of-guy. He’s vocal, fun, and passionate about the entertainment industry. He’s ALWAYS keeping up with the latest trends and hits, however, don’t be surprised by his wide range in taste of music; he’s an expert! He is the backbone to Nora Events and is part of the reason why past clients have been highly satisfied with their services.Nora Events 5Built on standards of professionalism and integrity, Nora Events pays close attention to detail and customer satisfaction. All in all, audio and lighting is their specialty and there is nothing else they love to do than sharing expertise with you.Nora Events 6Photography by: Spencer Combs; Ling Photo; Canary Grey; Pixel Posey; Depict Photography

We are proud to have Nora Events as one of our featured vendors for Date Night Out tonight at the Lowertown Event Center in St. Paul, MN. Come check Nora Events out as well as the many other fabulous vendors!

MN Wedding Planner | M Studio Flower Affair | Vendor Spotlight

Hello Loves,

Spring is almost here and I can’t wait to see the flowers bloom and smell the fragrant aroma that fills my backyard. With flowers on our mind, Rosetree has had the pleasure of working with Meghan, owner and designer of M Studio Flower Affair, for a recent style shoot. She’s amazingly talented and we want you to meet her!

Meghan loves floral design because flowers can create ambience and set the mood to any space. We all know flowers make people SMILE! She believes opening her studio fulfilled her passion and dream. Working with flowers and color combos to create the brides vision is Meghan’s passion. Each couple has a unique personality and vision for their wedding day. Meghan loves to create floral arrangements to blend with that personality and vision within her client’s budget. (Helpful hint, wedding planners work well with florists; they have the same goal in mind.)

M Studio Flower Affair Meghan’s advice to brides regarding all things floral……….
1st Most Important ~ The Bridal Bouquet!
You see it all day and will be in the majority of the pictures that you will cherish many years to come. Lets make it fit your personality!
2nd Most Important ~ Reception Flowers
These flowers will be creating the mood you want your guests to feel.M Studio Flower Affair 2M Studio Flower Affair 1 Photography by Emily Steffen
Questions Meghan gets asked a lot and giggles every time.
1. “What’s your favorite flower?” My favorite flower is a Lady Slipper Orchid, which is The MN State Flower and I used them in my bridal bouquet.
2. “What flower ideas do you have?” AHHH, I have lots! I dream about flowers and color combos. Let’s just say, if I could only print all my thoughts I would be buying lots of INK!!!

Meghan is one of our fabulous featured vendors for Date Night Out, February 10. Bring your fiancé and enjoy a night out while mingling with wedding professionals. We hope to see you there!

MN Wedding Planner | The Wildernesses | Vendor Spotlight

Hello Loves,

We would love to introduce you to the enchanting duo who create The Wildernesses. Wildernesses Photography is co-owned by Emily Gable and Jordan Dibb. Partners in life as well as business, they share a passion for capturing the raw emotion and realness of everything that happens during a wedding—from engagement through the big day.

Wildernesses Photography 3(check out this teaser.)

Approaching every event with a photojournalistic eye, Emily and Jordan have one main focus—to provide their clients with images that will last a lifetime. Whether it be capturing still photos or documenting the day through video, the goal—always—is to act as photojournalists and capture your day in the most meaningful of ways.
It’s because they care so much about the couples they are able to produce such captivating reels that you would find in a cinema. To give you an example, the above video is their “teaser” and below is one of the full videos they produce. Love them both, right!!!

And if you didn’t get enough of those two, yes, there is a third one…..creative jeans in this duo, YES, I do agree! They have it!

Wildernesses Photography 4

Wildernesses Photography 1If you’re still not yet convinced of the Wildernesses, then you must come meet them at our Date Night Out Event…..this Monday….and I’m positively sure their prize is pretty much amazing!