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Minnesota Wedding Planner | Whitney Furst Photography

Hello Loves,

*Furst (wink) and foremost, we must admit we ADORE Miss Whitney Furst of Whitney Furst Photography with all of our hearts.*
If you have not found a photographer to capture your most treasured of memories, look no further. Whitney not only has an eye for fabulous shots but also captures what the heart was stating in that very moment. Here’s a quick meet and greet from us to you with an amazing photographer and friend.Whitney Furst Photography 3Q. Why are you in love with your job?

W.~ First off, I like to think of my “job” as my career.  My brother once said, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”  I honestly feel like I’m not working.  I love creating these beautiful images for my couples that will be cherished for anniversaries to come.  It’s an amazing feeling to give people memories.
Whitney Furst Photography 1Q. What are you loving about the wedding industry right now?

W.~ The wedding industry is so wildly creative.  It’s a blessing to be apart of such amazingly like minded people.  I love how willing industry people come together and create such amazing shoots.  It’s a great opportunity to inspire newly engaged couples of creative ideas for their wedding day.

Q. What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

W.~ I would say the my favorite part of the day is when I get to take the Bride & Groom alone for their session. When we get away from the hustle and bustle, I love seeing their raw emotions between the two.  It’s priceless.  You’ll usually hear me say, “I can’t even handle the cuteness.” (this is true) It’s just a real fun time for me.

Second best is capturing ALL the wedding details!!!!Whitney Furst Photography 2Whitney’s Advice for brides:

I have two things that I tell every bride. #1. Hire a planner! (**Blush** We did not tell her to say this!) You want to enjoy your day completely.  Let the experts handle it all.  Whether it’s just for the day of coordination or for the entire wedding. You won’t regret it!  #2. When picking your photography collection make sure you have the coverage piece first.  Choose a photographer that will let you add product on later if need be.  Also if you choose an engagement session, have fun with it.  Capture your relationship.  Whether it’s a trip to the farmers market, drinking coffee or taking a hike through the fields.  What screams “your relationship”?
Whitney Furst Photography 3Q. What is a crazy fun fact about you?

W.~ I really have to think before I say the word “Pistachio”.  It usually comes out “Spitachio”.

We love Whitney! (When you meet her, you’ll love her too!) She is filled with joy and it overflows onto anyone she is around. And…her laughter is contagious! Are you ready to schedule an appointment with her yet? (you should, wink) She is co-hosting Date Night Out with yours truly, if you can’t wait to schedule an appointment. :)

Minnesota Wedding Planner | Positively Charmed

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When it comes to your big day, more and more couples are communicating that their ceremony should be as meaningful and important as the rest of the day. Your officiant will have a great deal with setting the right mood and tone for the ceremony. He/she should be well spoken, have a certain presence, all-the-while bringing your family and friends together as you and your fiancé take the step in becoming one in marriage. For a unique and charmed wedding ceremony we’d like you to meet our friend Leslie Ann Johnson, of Custom Ceremonies by Positively Charmed.

Leslie Ann Johnson Leslie Ann Johnson is a spiritual humanist with an emphasis in comparative theology.  She has had the great privilege of officiating for so many couples in beautifully unique and personalized ceremonies that brought together many different perspectives and traditions.
A large part of Leslie’s interest in attending a deeply ecumenical seminary was her desire to create bridges between faith traditions and communities. She is especially interested in creating ceremonial language for those who choose to celebrate and express a sense of life, love, spirit and connection, but are outside of a defined faith tradition.

Charmed Ceremony One of the simplest, but perhaps most profound, discoveries that she made at seminary and certainly in life, is that the greatest common denominator between religions…and non religious but spiritual disciplines, is this: that some of the deepest and truest language of Spirit…is the language of Love.  There are so many beautifully varied expressions of this language.  For some people there are tangible metaphors found in the power of nature or in the vast universe that encompasses life, for others it lies within the relationships which surround them; some may speak in a humanist way, and others in a more spiritual manner, but all speak to the power of that which is celebrated in their love for one another…and for those, like yourselves, who are fortunate…in their wish to be married!

Positively Charmed WeddingsPhotography by: Amber Procaccini Photography | Jeff Loves Jessica Photography | KB Too Photography | Travis Johansen | Sandhill Photography

Leslie also offers Premarital Preparedeness Counseling!
Office: The Semple Mansion
100 West Franklin Avenue Suite 202
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Leslie Ann Johnson would be a wonderful addition to your wedding day. Her smile carries a room and her genuine thoughtfulness for each couple is present throughout the ceremony.

Minnesota Wedding Planner | Wedding Budget Advice

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Here at Rosetree, we know the importance of being budget savvy and NOT beginning a marriage in debt. While brides and grooms alike can find many topics on wedding budgets out in the wide wide internet world, we thought our friend, Jenny Creno, at Insider, explains it quite well. And fret no more! She also has a free budget calculator handy for your weddings needs.


Save Your Bank As You Save The Date By: Jenny Creno

Soon after couples announce their engagement, planning the wedding becomes one of the first financial obstacles that the couple has to overcome together. The best thing to do is to learn about typical trends when it comes to planning a wedding and what mistakes lead to the most financial failures amongst couples during this process. Should you put everything on credit cards? Or create a separate checking account specifically for wedding expenses to avoid overspending? The infographic below highlights information from couples who have gone through this process, wedding planners, and event coordinators to give newly engaged couples a few tips on how to save on their wedding, avoid financial conflicts, and lastly and most importantly the benefits of stress free well planned wedding. Want even more advice? Check out more tips on our community page, and our wedding budget calculator.

Those redundant words, your wedding day is just one day, may very well be the truth. But society has given us Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress!, and all the jazz to keep us wanting that one big day, to be one very big day. Don’t get caught up in the fuss, and listen to the advice from people who have been through this process before.

Financial Advice For Wedding Planning from Credit Card Insider

Let us know if you found this as handy as we did!