Month: August 2013

Minnesota Wedding Planner | Slow Motion Booth

Hello Loves!

Here at Rosetree, we just can’t get enough of this slow motion booth video!!! Jenn and I are totally LOVING it and felt we needed to share it with you!!! (Not to mention, we just might be featured in it with many other AMAZING vendors!) If you haven’t checked one of these motion booths out, you definitely should!

Chris Meyer and his team from The Slow Motion Booth are taking photo booths to the next level and we’re enjoying every minute of it! We can’t stop smiling while we watch this. And if you love watching these videos, the verdict has confirmed they’re even more fun to create. Your event will definitely be an event not forgotten!

If you LOVE photo booths then you will LOVE slow motion booths even more!


Welcome and Hello

Welcome to the first blog of our new site. Whether you are just stopping by to get some ideas, find some pictures to pin, or select one of our wedding packages and start planning, we are happy you’ve stopped by.

RT together cirlceAs wedding planners, we are storytellers. Well, actually, not so much storytellers as scene setters. You are the story – and the teller – we are the lucky ones who get to work behind the scenes to help you describe what comes after, “Once upon a time….”As you have probably already noticed, the rest of our website is where you can get the details for the services we offer, learn a little more about us, and set up your first consultation to start planning your big day. But here, this blog, is where you can come to explore, learn, and dream about all things wedding and events.

That’s what we’re going to do – talk about the most popular trends for brides and grooms, highlight the amazing happenings at our latest events, and share all the great tips we learn in this beautiful wedding industry.

Thanks for stopping by and, please, take a look around and enjoy the planning, the dreaming, and the living.